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Balta - Meilės spalva (1 Sezonas)

Ishq Ka Rang Safed (Season 1)
7,1 (balsų: 54)
  • Metai:
  • Žanras:
    Kriminalinis, Drama, Romantinis
  • Šalis:
  • Režisierius:
    Susmita Bhattacharya, Rupali Guha
  • Trukmė:
    25 min.
  • Aktoriai:
    Eisha Singh, Mishal Raheja, Garima Shrivastava, Pratima Kazmi, Vandana Singh, Vividha Kirti, Vidya Sinha, Arun Bakshi, Kajal Nishad, Jaskaran Singh
  • Kalba:
    Lietuvių (Profesionalus, vienbalsis)
Set amidst the color and custom of the ancient city of Banaras, Ishq Ka Rang Safed is the tale of the impossible love of Viplav for Dhaani. The carefree, spoilt grandson of Mahant Dashrath Tripathi, Viplav is slated to go abroad for his law studies and intends to never return to the religiosity, traditionalism and ritualism of Benares and his family. Life takes an abrupt turn as Viplav encounters Dhaani - a lady in white. An innocent prank played in retribution of a bruised ego draws Viplav into an unseen world and the realization of the harsh realities of life. A reality epitomized by Dhaani. A young widow leading a life of quiet dignity abiding by her Dharma in a society that condemns women to living death even in the 21st Century. Swathed in white and devout to her cause, Dhaani is a conformist yet no weak willow as evident by her determined stance and sense of pride held against Viplav from the time she saw him as a rakshas till his profession of love towards her.
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